Stroke Awareness Month

What is a stroke?
A stroke sometimes called a “brain attack,” happens when an artery to the brain becomes blocked or ruptures. As a result, blood flow is cut off to a part of the brain, depriving cells of oxygen and glucose from the blood supply.*
* definition source – WebMD

Warning signs of a stroke
According to the American Heart and Stroke Foundation strokes are the No.5 cause of death and disability in North America. Most people think stroke are unpredictable and mostly occur in older individuals. The fact is that anyone can have a stroke, just about anywhere and there are many warning signs that someone is about to have a stroke. The FAST test is the most common and easiest way to diagnose a stroke.

Face: Is it drooping? Is the smile uneven?
Arms: Can you lift both?
Speech: Is it slurred or jumbled?
Time: Call 9-1-1 right away!

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