Canada’s Food Guide:

Helping you and your family know how much food you need, what types of foods are better for you, and the importance of physical activity in your day.

Create A Movement:

It’s time to wake up. Get off our couches, eat our vegetables and give our health the respect it deserves. A healthy future is an individual choice.

Dietitians of Canada:

Promotes health and well-being through expertise in food and nutrition.

Eat Well, Live Well – Make Nutrition Come Alive:

Enjoy great tastes, fun times and a lifetime of good health through daily healthy eating choices where you live, work, learn, and play.

Healthy Eating is in Store for You:

An exciting project that will help consumers make healthy food choices through better use of the nutrition information on the label of packaged foods.

Healthy U:

A public information and education campaign to support and encourage Albertans to lead healthier lifestyles by providing them with access to information on healthy eating and active living. 

Mission Nutrition:

Fun, interactive learning activities to use in the classroom and at home to get children excited about healthy living! 

Walk across Canada:

Simply record the distance you walk to and at school, the grocery store, work and track your progress along the Trail.

Weight Wise – In it for the Long Haul:   

Free online weight management tool.

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