PrEP for HIV Prevention

What is PrEP? It is the use of an anti-HIV drug called, ‘Truvada’, taken once daily, by those who don’t have HIV, to prevent them from getting HIV.

Who should get PrEP?

  • Adults who inject drugs
  • You have an ongoing relationship with an HIV-positive partner
  • Anyone not in a monogamous relationship and may have sex without a condom
  • Adult men who have had anal sex with other men without a condom, or diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection in the past 6 months.

Benefits of PrEP?


  • Lower risk of HIV infection.
  • If you take the pill every day, up to 92% protection from HIV has been seen.
  • Less anxiety with sex.
  • Regular testing and monitoring by doctors and pharmacists, to better care for your health.


  • No side effects seen with PrEP during pregnancy or breast feeding.
  • Babies born to women on PrEP have been shown to have no negative side effects.

Risks of PrEP? Skipping doses will lower your protection from HIV. You can feel nausea, tummy upset, vomiting, dizziness, or feel tired, but this often doesn’t last long-term.

Do I still need condoms when I use PrEP? Condoms are the best way to prevent HIV infection. Safe sex practices are still important while on PREP. PrEP is not used to replace condoms. Condoms protect you from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

How do I get PrEP in Alberta? PrEP has been licensed for use in Canada (Feb 2016). PrEP may be covered through insurance plans. Speak to your family physician or pharmacist for more information.

More Information on PrEP:

  1. CDC PrEP Webpage:

CDC PrEP Brochure: Talk to Your Doctor About PrEP:




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