Plant-based Health Eating

With the growing season in full swing, it is not only convenient to be able to eat locally but it is also a great time to be reminded that whole food, plant-based nutrition is an excellent way to

protect our health.

Countries with plant-based diets such as Northern Mexico, Rural China, and Central Africa see negligible rates of heart disease.  Current research shows that improving our nutrition can also have dramatic risk-lowering effects for other diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Imagine Health Centres recently sponsored a Heart Calgary event featuring a lecture by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. from the Cleveland Clinic who spoke to the public on plant-based nutrition and its merits.  He spoke on his decades of clinical experience and research showing the ability to not only prevent but also reverse heart disease using no oil, plant based nutrition.

Certainly, it can be challenging for people to adjust their diet in such dramatic fashion, but I often encourage patients to make small changes over time to improve their nutrition. Increasing the number of fresh vegetables and fruit consumed daily will naturally crowd out other sources of calories including animal products and processed food.

The adventure of exploring new plant foods and recipes takes time and patience.  However, the health rewards are immense and can be tasty!  For more information, please visit our or call 403-775- 9669 to book with a physician at Imagine Health Centre.


by Dr. Jonathan Chan, MD, Founder of Imagine Health Centres

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