Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes is a very common, and very serious, illness throughout Canada. Diabetes can have
severe consequences if it is improperly managed. In the vast majority of cases, diabetes can
be controlled through the collaborative efforts of your healthcare team as well as your efforts
to lead a healthful and properly balanced lifestyle. In some cases, diabetes can be prevented

Diabetes is a disease in which your body prevents the release of insulin or reduces your
body’s sensitivity to insulin, which is an important hormone that allows the cells in your body
to use its sugars. Without these sugars, your body completely lacks the energy to effectively
operate which can seriously damage your body, while the levels of accumulating sugars in
the blood can harm the cardiovascular system.

Diabetics are typically prescribed medications meant to help manage their illness and are
sometimes required to receive insulin injections because their bodies are incapable of
producing it. Medical intervention with prescription medications can be crucial, but are only
one part of the treatment plan for the majority of diabetics. Factors like diet and exercise are
extremely important to those with chronic illnesses like diabetes. They can sometimes even
be a leading treatment option for some diabetics. Leading a healthful lifestyle while working to
decrease unhealthy stress on the body are good ideas for individuals of all ages; they are the
best lines of defence against developing diabetes and are vital for taking proactive control
against the illness.

It can be difficult to find people who are willing to speak about their experiences with diabetes
due to the stigma surrounding this medical condition. Diabetes is an incredibly prevalent
illness in Canada that should be openly discussed so that everyone is educated about the
risks and how to keep oneself healthy.

While there are some factors we cannot change, like genetics and ethnicity, some of the most
important contributing factors toward diabetes-like diet, weight, exercise, blood pressure, and
cholesterol are entirely in your control. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle not only protects you
from developing complications with diabetes, but it is an important step to live healthier lives
that are at less risk of many other diseases too. Your health is in your hands and starts with
making healthy decisions today and every day to prevent and manage various possible
health problems. Your healthcare team at Imagine Health Centres is always ready to help
educate and support you and your family in your efforts to live healthier lives, beginning with

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