Melanie’s Success Story


During a routine appointment one-day last year, Melanie’s doctor informed her that it
would be wise for her to evaluate her eating and exercise habits. “She said I could be
down 30 pounds in three months,” Melanie tells IHC. “My brain immediately said, ‘I’ll do
it!’.” Melanie didn’t need to think about the hard work and dedication she would need to
put in. “I was all over it,” she says.

Melanie began her program during the summer when weddings and weekend BBQs
were in full swing. “I wanted to have fun, I wanted to be able to drink,” Melanie says. “I
never really thought I was that fat, to begin with; in all honesty, I didn’t think I needed it.”

Then in January, Melanie’s daughter asked for her mother’s support in losing her
pregnancy weight. Melanie thought to herself, if I have to keep going back to Dr. McKay
for my health check-ups, I might as well take her weight loss advice while I’m there.

The first couple of days of the program, Melanie thought her body was in shock. “I was
addicted to Coca-Cola the way most people are addicted to coffee,” Melanie laughs.
Throughout the beginning stages of her program, Melanie transitioned from a soda
addict to a water and vitamin devotee.

“I drink a minimum of 2.2 litres of water a day,” Melanie explains. “It’s a lifestyle change.
I am living my life differently. It doesn’t mean I can’t go out for lunch with my girlfriends,
it just means I make smarter decisions when it comes to food.”

Melanie says her attitude about food has completely changed since beginning her
weight-loss journey. “I only eat when I’m hungry and if I’m going to eat, I think twice
about what it is I’m eating.”

Melanie says that, contrary to popular belief, making smart food choices doesn’t mean
depriving oneself of social events.

“You can still socialize, just get creative,” Melanie tells IHC. “Low-sugar, low-carb
libations exist! It just may mean you have two drinks instead of six. If you want to eat
that hamburger, just take the bun off! There’s a way around almost everything.”
Melanie says she doesn’t deprive herself of her favourite sweets, she just does her best
to make sensible decisions.

“If I’m at a party and I see brownies, nobody is saying that I have to eat five of them. I
can have one brownie and walk away from the table or cut a brownie into halves and
split it with somebody else. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.”

In terms of advice for those who are starting their own journey toward a healthful
lifestyle, Melanie says to approach it from a place of self-love.

“Since I’ve been eating better and taking my vitamins and drinking my water, I feel much
better. I still have my dark days, but life is generally much better.” No matter what,
Melanie says she reminds herself not to give up.

“Believe in yourself; as long as you’re doing this for you, and you believe in you, it
doesn’t matter what happens, you will find success.”

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