Imagine Health Fitness Challenge Update



Our patients’ team led by Dr. Laura Lea McKay has jumped into an early lead as they sit in Regina. Dr. McKay is very active and her spirit pushes her patients to do personal bests.
The Calgary Sunpark team needs to pick up the pace if they are to make this a race! News has come to me that the team is still collecting numbers as this report goes out. Hopefully, they’ll get closer with my next report.
Sunpark powerhouse Jonathan McKay has yet to report in. Word is he may have an injury, but that is all speculation.

Calgary Downtown is led by Elmer Espinoza and his widely assembled team. We have pharmacists, doctors, staff, family and even their lab guy! They are a team to watch for sure!

Edmonton is led by Sheila Cousineau and their team is coming on strong. They got off to a slow start so we’ll be curious as the numbers come in.

Patients: 1,967,913 (Regina, SK)

Calgary Sunpark: 1,438,286 (Maple Creek, SK)

Downtown Calgary: 912920 (in Banff, AB)

EDM: 544434 (in Vernon, BC)

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