Benefits of Massage

The benefits of human touch have been studied around the world time and again. As we grow older,
human touch happens less and less as our lives get busier. Findings have shown massage can provide
immense improvement for newborn babies to adolescents to adulthood.

Relaxation massage, besides the obvious purpose to de-stress the mind and body, can account for an
increase in blood circulation, short term reduction in blood pressure, short term reduction in cortisol
(stress hormone) levels, a boost in the immune system and an increase in length and quality of sleep.
Therapeutic massage techniques create temporary mild discomfort and tenderness, but the pros often
outweigh the cons. On top of the improvements gained from relaxation massage, other perks are an
increase in the range of motion of any and all joints in the body, a decrease in chronic pain from repetitive
strain injuries, and removal of “kinks” and “knots” in the muscles. Therapeutic massage can also be
helpful for scars, whether it be a surgical scar, an old injury or a burn.

Massage therapy can be beneficial for pregnancy as well as emotional and psychological conditions.
Massage can be tailored to each individual’s likes, needs, and wants. What may not have worked with one
practitioner or technique, does not mean there is not another method that can assist you in living a full and
healthy life.

Dan Misura and Destiny Pequin, our Registered Massage Therapists for our Calgary clinics, focus on
reducing and removing symptoms of repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel and chronic tension
headaches. They can provide deep pressure massage to work out knots and trigger points. Another service
he offers is dynamic cupping, where the use of soft silicone cups aid in increasing blood flow and
flushing bad fluid buildup often found in overworked and fatigued muscles.

Our massage therapists also provide relaxation massages to help relieve the daily stresses in life. He
enjoys educating his clients on how the body works and ways to avoid getting re-injured with home care
exercises. Though Dan and Destiny would like to note that they cannot help you fix all your aches and
pains in a single session; an hour or two on their table weekly, bi-weekly or monthly can alleviate some of
that discomfort.

To book your massage with Dan or Destiny, give us a call or stop into one of our Calgary offices!

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