Are Ergonomics Really That Important?

In a word: Yes! Ergonomics is the study of how efficient people are in their work environments. Ergonomics
discusses what could be done to make employees more productive throughout the day.

In simple terms, an ergonomic study is conducted to determine if an employee is working to their full efficiency
in the office, they work in.

Unfortunately, in many workplaces, ergonomics is rarely thought about. The benefits of working in an ergonomic environment are endless, but some of the major benefits that are attractive to employers as well as employees, are a reduction of costs, increased productivity, an increase of employee morale, and improved quality of work. Statistics show that many adults spend up to 70 percent of their waking hours sitting down and have little to no physical activity in their daily lives; the introduction of the computer led to a decline in physical activity due to the fact that many adults hold office jobs which require them to sit at a desk to work.

Most employers are not well-versed in the principles of ergonomics or are unfamiliar with what it takes to implement effective employee education on those principles. Ask your employer for an ergonomic assessment of your work station to ensure you are taking care of yourself. After all, ergonomics improve productivity, quality, employee engagement, and safety culture.

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